ELN Claims Responsibility for Brinks Helicopter Expropriation

Published January 16, 2019

ELN Claims Responsibility for Brints Helicopter Expropriation

The guerrilla group ELN released a communiqué, claiming responsibility for the expropriation of a Brinks helicopter for revolutionary struggle.

On January 11, a helicopter belonging to the Brinks company, transporting 1.7 million pesos was hit in the air. Once it made an emergency landing in the municipality of Hacarí, in Norte de Santander, Colombia, it was destroyed and incinerated.

The following is an English translation of the communiqué from the ELN:

The northeastern Colombian region has been subject to the most ferocious military offensive of recent years, centered in the areas of Catatumbo and the South of Cesar, with the aim of annihilating the resistance that for decades has defended the territory, to facilitate the plans of looting and dispossession of transnational corporations in the territory.

With the war decreed by the government of Iván Duque against the region, has come an increase in violations of human rights, which is expressed in the systematic murder, attack and intimidation against social leaders, blockades and registration of communities and stigmatization of the peasants, pointing to insurgents.

Likewise, the National Army openly threatens paramilitary operations against the population.

The guerrilla action of the ELN in its commitment to defend the territory and the communities, has been actively confronting the repression of the army, noting several blows and victories against the Military Forces and the State Police in different parts of northeastern Colombia.

This is how on January 11, in the midst of the largest militarization in the region, antiaircraft units of the Northeast War Front neutralized a Helicopter transporter of values.

The aircraft is controlled in the rural area of the village of San José del Tarra, Municipality of Hacari, Norte de Santander. The members of the crew, Captain Julio Diaz, Carlos Quinceno, Maxwel Joyay, were retained, and an important sum of money was recovered that will be destined for the revolutionary struggle.

We communicate to the families of the crew members that they are well and we are willing to release them, efforts that we will be organizing with the relevant humanitarian agencies.

The Northeast War Front reaffirms with its political-military action the commitment in defense of the dignity of the people of the region and their interests.



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