ELN Claims Responsibility for Attack on Police Station in Cúcuta, Colombia

Published September 1, 2021

ELN Claims Attack on Police Station in Cúcuta, Colombia

Through a statement to public opinion, the ELN guerrillas assumed responsibility for the attack with explosives against a police station in Cúcuta.

“It is ELN policy to publicly claim the actions we carry out; in that regard, we inform that within the framework of operations deployed to apply popular punishment against State forces, urban units attacked the Atalaya station of the militarized national police in the city of Cúcuta,” said the insurgent guerrilla group in a statement.

The statement also called for the State authorities to “cease the abuse against the population”.

“You are children of the same people who are murdered today for demanding that laws be eliminated that also harm you and your families,” added the ELN.

The attack with explosives took place at the Juan Atalaya police station in the north of Cúcuta on Monday in the morning.

An explosive artifact was located under a bench, which was later detonated, causing a large explosion that destroyed part of the police building.

The explosion injured 12 police officers.

This attack took place in the context of widespread uprising by revolutionaries against the neoliberal tax reforms of the far-right wing Duque regime and the massacres of social leaders in Colombia. A national strike was declared on August 26.