ELN Captures Corporal of Colombian Army

Published January 11, 2019

ELN Captures Corporal of Colombian Army

On January 9, guerillas of the ELN (National Liberation Army) captured a corporal of the Colombian army near the border with Venezuela. These guerrillas belong to the ‘Carlos Hernán Velásquez Velasco’ urban front. While in civilian clothing, the armed guerrillas forced the corporal, who was on leave from active duty, onto a motorcycle.

The ELN’s negotiation team is still waiting in Cuba for a delegation from the Colombian government to resume the peace negotiations following the freezing of these by the new right-wing Colombian president Iván Duque.

Following the end of a four-month ceasefire with the Colombian government, the insurgents of the ELN resumed armed struggle in January 2018. They bombed oil pipelines and attacked military installations and police stations, killing and injuring several members of state forces.

As long as the right-wing Colombian government refuses peace negotiations, revolutionary activity by guerrillas will continue against state forces.