Dwayne "BIM" Staats: Letter to Cowardly Kentucky Attorney General

Published October 18, 2020

Dwayne BIM Staats: Letter to Cowardly Kentucky Attorney General

Dear Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron,

After your cowardly act of transgression, you now join the ranks of Eugene “Burner” Wiggins, Scott “SP” Thompson, Kevin “Boss” Brathwaite, Antonio “Tana” Guzman, Aaron “Snopp” Lowman, Melvin “Lump” Williams, Walter Smith AKA Umar, Cornell Hester, Royal “Diamond” Downs, Wade “Breeze” Smith, and countless other house niggers who’ve betrayed “the people.”

Your announcement was a mockery! That whole script was symbolic of a slave shamefully prostrating at his master’s feet. As I wonder what the greatest Kentuckian Muhammad Ali’s opinion of you might be, a mental image of him punching your chin down your throat just put a smile on my face… Daniel, you made a statement alleging never to have experienced racism. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a reality for the 23,703 Africans from Kentucky serving in the Civil War. The Ku Klux Klan ensured that Carter G Woodson and others educated at Berea College could never utter that statement. Your experience could not be shared by the 27 Africans lynched in Kentucky between 1889-1918. When modern day blacks make those type of declarations, suspicion of a false pretense tends to animate my skepticism. By now it should be common knowledge that white supremacists/suppressionists appoint token Negros (such as yourself) to positions of power. Your only purpose is to carry out their ideology and agendas, thereby reducing you to a buffer who now masquerades the racism. We’ve all seen you before, Daniel. You were the black police officer in “Boyz in the Hood.” You was the black hearing examiner at James T. Vaughn Correction Center who told me “I’ll never take your word over my co-workers!” I definitely recognized you in the movie “Life” where you was eager to say “Tell ‘em bout the gun line boss!”

Sadly, you have no qualms about being a devil’s advocate. But you mustn’t forget this: while being congratulated for delivering their announcement to the public, those hands you shook and patted you on the back are the same hands that killed Breonna Taylor and will be the same hands that discard you once you’re no longer needed. You know how this movie ends!

Power is the people



Received by email.