Douglas Patrick: Repressive Sanctions & Discriminatory Treatment = Gang Classification

Published January 23, 2021

Douglas Patrick: Repressive Sanctions & Discriminatory Treatment = Gang Classification

By Douglas “Double G” Patrick

Deputy Spokesperson

White Panther Organization


As we reflect on the historical events outlined in Komrade Kevin “Rashid” Johnson’s article ‘How the pigs abuse ‘gang’ labels,’ it becomes clear that the powers that be have implemented the same old ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactic to gain the upper hand and keep the people repressed.

All things, from religion to nationality to class to culture to political views, etc, have continuously been exploited as tools to pit one group of people against the next, or to exile one group from acceptance by society by depicting the group as uncivilized or unworthy, so that these stringmasters can escape with the loot while the people self-destruct.

As Rashid pointed out,

“During the 1960s and ‘70s, U.S. officials systematically targeted for destruction independent Black political leadership like Malcolm X and members of the BPP who were winning and influencing large numbers of Black youth to take up the fight against segregation, racism, endemic poverty and the myriad abuses that inhere in the capitalist system.

In turn, through blacksploitation films and other entertainment media, hustlers, drug dealers, pimps and especially the mafia were glamorized to poor urban youth as the images of social rebels whom they should emulate and imitate, while outright government terrorism was used to discourage them from identifying with and joining groups like the BPP.”

This portrayal and idealization of “gangsterism” has left the youth thirsty for acceptance into this degenerate social circle through its countless and often lumpen street formations (gangs). Instead of looking to intellectuals and positive figures for guidance, they want to reflect what has been embedded in their mind as a gangster. This rebellion is in fact aiding the power held by the oppressors they’re claiming to be rebelling against.

With this knowledge in mind, these exploiters have advertised and funded the growth of these street formations, while also doubling efforts to develop anti-gang task forces across the map, who have orders to repress and destroy all elements of these formations, by any means necessary.

One of the primary tactics employed by these militarized task forces is to scoop up those unwitting youth and register them into a database that tracks all ‘validated gang members.’ There is no proof or investigation required to secure the due process rights of these youth, ‘reasonable suspicion’ and ‘association’ is enough.

Once in the system, these youth, in addition to being racially and economically profiled, are further oppressed by these labels through denial of housing, employment, aid, etc, as well as the corrupt law enforcement agencies that tend to see this label as a ‘waiver of rights’ and granting them authority to stop, detain, search, harass, abuse and ultimately murder these youth at will.

The judicial system then uses these brands to railroad these youth and pass out trumped-up charges, excessive bonds, and enhanced sentences. Then upon reaching the ‘correctional’ system,' the draconian dictators that oversee these industrial-style plantations enforce the use of these labels in any and every way imaginable to oppress the prisoner population and transform their razorwire warehouses into slimy reptilian constrictors.

For example, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety [NCDPS], headed by Commissioner of Prisons Todd Ishee, has no public SRG (Security Risk Group) policy which outlines reasonable due process rights to dispute validations or to present evidence contrary to claims made to label an individual as a member of what these pigs claim to be ‘gangs.’ Note that these groups include things such as the Nation of Gods and Earths, the Sovereign Citizenship Movement, the Black Panther Party, etc.

Once seared with this ‘SRG’ brand, prisoners are subjected to repressive sanctions and discriminatory treatment, which has zero reasonable purpose or justification except to enhance the misery and suffering that prisoners go through. These cruel and dehumanizing sanctions are as follows:

These sanctions are heavily enforced on prisoners housed by the NCDPS and are scarred with the SRG brand are indefinite in duration without any fair opportunity for adequate review or to have this status reduced once it’s imposed. NCDPS Prisons Division only has one SRG Program, run by Chris Rich at Foothills Correctional Institution in Morganton, NC. This program only occupies F-Unit within this facility, which has a maximum capacity of 192 prisoners for every 9 month period. With NCDPS warehousing an average 33,000 prisoners in over 65 facilities statewide, it’s obvious that these dictators intend to keep the people struggling for breath.

In conclusion, this fight is relevant for both those in the ‘free’ society and those  ‘behind enemy lines.’ The fact of the matter is that these labels are being used to separate and oppress the people, and it all remains in line with the bigger problems of racism, stereotyping, discrimination and general hatred that fuels the motives to destroy the cultures, beliefs and youths that these immature dictators lack the complexity to comprehend.

The struggle for freedom continues…

Dare to struggle, dare to win, all power to the people!


For more information on NC prisoners' struggle against SRG classifications, see the recent Final Straw interview with Joseph “ShineWhite” Stewart.

Douglas Patrick can currently be contacted at:

Douglas M. Patrick #1380193

Alexander Correctional

633 Old Landfill Road

Taylorsville, NC


However, as of February 25th 2021 he is due to be transferred to the following address:

Douglas M. Patrick

91 Commercial Park Avenue

Taylorsville, NC


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