Denunciation of Detention of Members of the National Indigenous Congress in Ocosingo, Chiapas.

Published February 16, 2021

Denunciation of Detention of Members of the National Indigenous Congress in Ocosingo, Chiapas.

To the people of Mexico

To human rights organizations

To the media

To the National Indigenous Congress and its Indigenous Council of Government

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

We, compañeros in resistance JOSÉ ESPINOZA GÓMEZ, JOSÉ ALFREDO ESPIOZA PÉREZ, JUAN ESPINOZA PÉREZ, MARIO ESPINOZA PÉREZ, CARLOS HERNANDEZ MÉNDEZ, JUAN RAMON GUTIÉRREZ ESPINOZA AND MIGUEL ESPINOZA HERNÁNDEZ, from the rancherías Jolmuc’ulha and Taquinton, belonging to the ejido Peña Limonar, municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas, and members of the National Indigenous Congress. We energetically denounce the arbitrary and unjust detention of our compañeros Fernando Espinoza Pérez and Baldemar Espinoza Pérez, unjustly imprisoned in prison 16 of Ocosingo, taken to this instance by ejidal authorities, derived from the events that took place on February 10 of this year, when our compañeros mentioned above, together with Miguel Espinoza Hernández, left the Tumbo ejido, municipality of Ocosingo, towards the city of Palenque in a Nissan pickup truck loaded with 25 packages of organic coffee for sale. At the Peña Limonar crossroads, a group of fifty people carrying firearms, sticks and machetes, led by Manuel López Gutiérrez, blocked their path, Juan Gutiérrez Cruz, Narciso Gutiérrez Pérez and Pedro Hernández Jiménez, president of the commissariat, vigilance council, secretary of the commissariat and municipal auxiliary agent, using a board with nails that they put across the road, they forced them to stop the vehicle in which they were traveling, and with violence and abuse of authority they were handcuffed, Using excessive force, they were taken to the Peña Limonar ejido, where they were violently assaulted by rural police, who abused their power and took away their coffee, money and belongings, and were subsequently sent to the Ocosingo municipal jail where they are currently in vulnerable conditions.

This act of total violation of human rights is not an isolated act, it is the consequence of a constant and uninterrupted low intensity war against the communities in resistance that has been operating since 1994, since this aggression is part of a series of human rights violations, unjust detentions, armed attacks on our houses, illegal logging, timber theft, armed raids on our workers, armed incursions to our workers, and theft of our land, armed incursions into our work sites, with the action and protection of the ejidal authorities, which for more than ten years have disrupted peace and collective community life. These actions evidently reflect a worsening of the conflicts and hostilities towards the Zapatista communities and the National Indigenous Congress, which point towards the dispossession of our territory.

In the face of this scenario of violence, we manifest ourselves and hold the three levels of the bad governments responsible for the physical and psychological integrity of our imprisoned comrades, as well as that of their families and those of us who are part of the organization.

We demand the immediate release of our comrades, reparations for the damages caused, as well as the investigation and punishment of those responsible for the abuses and injustices committed.




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