Demonstrators from Ayotzinapa Set Fire to Guerrero Congress Vehicle

Published September 24, 2020

Demonstrators from Ayotzinapa Set Fire to Guerrero Congress Vehicle

Normalistas from Ayotzinapa and members of the Federation of Peasant Socialist Students of Mexico demonstrated this Tuesday in the city of Chilpancingo. A group of protesters in the vicinity of the Guerrero Congress carried out destruction inside and outside the legislative compound.

During the protest they set fire to a vehicle in the facilities of the State Congress and broke glass in doors and windows, as part of their fight for the six years since the disappearance of 43 of their companions.

The destruction began at the conclusion of the rally held by the mothers and fathers of the 43 outside the legislative hall. The students broke into the building with a Lala company van.

Some threw Molotov cocktails, threw stones, firecrackers and set fire to the vehicle at the main door of Congress, where the deputies enter.

During the protest, there were no local deputies or workers in the legislature, despite the fact that there are ordinarily sessions on Tuesdays.

This is the second day in a row that the students of the rural normal Raúl Isidro Burgos vandalized facilities, since on Monday they also burned a vehicle, smashed windows and made paintings in the Palace of Justice in Iguala.

In the attack on the premises of the Legislative Branch, the windows of the library, the main entrance and the parking lot were damaged. The walls were defaced with the slogans “We are missing 43” and “Justice.”

This attack comes in response to an attack on September 26, 2014, when roughly 100 students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School near Tixtla, Guerrero, entered the city of Iguala to pick up busses to use in an upcoming demonstration in Mexico City.

That night, municipal police and other armed men ambush four of the busses in separate attacks. The first attack ended with police shooting one students in the head and detaining students from one of the busses and driving them away in police vehicles. Two students were shot dead during the second attack. The rest of the students were sent running for their lives. One of the remaining two busses is attacked in another part of the city. All the students from that bus are detained by police. In the end, three students and three bystanders were killed in the attacks and 43 students were disappeared. There are still no answers about what becamse of them.