Demonstrations in Sacramento After Stephon Clark Ruling

Published March 6, 2019

Demonstrations in Sacramento After Stephon Clark Ruling

After the Sacramento DA ruled that the police who murdered unarmed black man Stephon Clark will not faces charges, people took to the streets to demand justice and militants burned Blue Lives Matter flags outside a police station.

The white supremacist American state once again allowed police to get away with the murder of a black person without facing any consequences. Rather than seeking justice through the court system, revolutionaries must take actions in solidarity with those facing the brunt of the barbaric violence of the racist police.

On March 18, 2018, police murdered 22 year old Stephon Clark, claiming that he was holding a gun. As so often happens in America, the police lied to cover up their coldblooded murder of another young black man. Clark was holding a cell phone, not a gun, when he was shot.

Stephon Clark

Nearly a year after the murder, on March 2nd, the Sacramento DA cleared the police who killed Clark of all charges at a press conference, justifying the killing and attacking Clark’s character. Marches quickly broke out. Blue Lives Matter flags were burned outside of a police station.

On March 3rd, a successful shutdown demonstration was organized at the Arden Mall. This action follows a trajectory from the year before, where people shut down several Sacramento Kings games.

On March 4th, a march took place through the affluent neighborhood of East Sacramento known as the “Fab 40s.” Over 80 peole were arrested after some cars were allegedly keyed by demonstrators. Anarchists and revolutionaries participated in the march and were among those arrested. About 80 people were waiting in solidarity for those arrested when they got out of custody.

Demonstrations in Sacramento are planned to continue in response to the ruling by the DA. Revolutionaries are expected take actions and hold demonstrations in other cities around the country in solidarity with Stephon Clark’s family and to demand justice for all victims of state terror.