Demonstration with Molotovs After Murder of Mapuche Lemuel Fernández in Chile

Published July 22, 2019


A demonstration with molotovs and barricades took place in Santiago, Chile on Friday night after the murder of Lemuel Fernández, a Mapuche comunero, in Cañete, Lavkenche territory.

The homicide was executed in the area of Lake Butaco Tranaquepe. Dead and heavily guarded by carabineros in uniform and in civilian clothes, Peñi Lemuel Fernández Toledo was seen by his relatives. Another comunero, this time wounded, was transferred to Tirúa hospital.

Lemuel Ferandez

People from the community who tried to get close to see the body were attacked with bullets and tear gas by Special Forces of Carabineros, preventing them from seeing the murdered peñi. The place was cordoned off by amphibious and Dodge tanks. Preliminarily, relatives of the victims indicated that they had been attacked at the discretion of an occupier, the owner of huts on the shores of the lake.

For its part, the site Aukin reported that relatives and Lavkenche communities indicated that a vigil will be kept for the remains of peñi Lemuel Fernández in the home of the Llebul Huenupi family (home of Samy Llebul) located in Antiquina. All are also invited to accompany the body of Lemuel in a caravan from the farm of Cañete.

In this sense, Mapuche and non-Mapuche urban organizations called for a protest demonstration at Plaza Italia in Santiago de Chile, this same Friday, July 19, at 7:30 p.m.




The Carabineros wanted to disperse the demonstration, but they met with strong resistance and were paralyzed. The water cannons had to intervene. Masked protesters stopped a bus and made everyone leave before throwing a Molotov cocktail inside. Barricades were erected and many windows were broken.

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