Declaration by Dimitris Koufondinas

Published March 17, 2021

Declaration by Dimitris Koufondinas

Greece: With my heart and mind I am also there, among you

With my heart and mind I am also there, among you Declaration of Dimitris Koufondinas

Solidarity is the vital condition that unites us in the struggle.

I thank the friends and comrades who stood in solidarity. I thank all the progressive people for their support, which was not support to one person, but in a moment of struggle, against an inhuman power.

Solidarity and support that have shown that there are living social forces that resist arbitrariness, violence and authoritarianism. And that is a new hope.

The ruling family has shown how ruthless it is in debasing the law and the Constitution, in the administration of justice. That’s up to them.

They are judged by the people who take to the streets. What is happening out there is far more important than what it started for.

Given the force of these struggles, I declare for my part that with my heart and mind I am also there among you.

March 14, 2021