Danish Anti-Fascists Have Joined the Kurdish Defense in Rojava

Published January 11, 2019

Danish Anti-Fascists Have Joined the Kurdish Defense in Rojava

Several Danish anti-fascists have gone down to Rojava to support the Kurdish guerrillas in their defese against the Turkish dictatorship and Daesh. These anti-fascist have joined the YPG guerrillas in defense of the social revolution and to struggle against, capitalism, the state, and patriarchy. Below is their statement.

“Right now in Rojava there is a great mobilization to defend the social revolution and all its surprises - women’s emancipation, social progress, co-determination, freedom and many other advances have been won and now we must act to defend it! Turkey, with the fascist Erdogan in power, is preparing for a great offensive against Rojava to crush revolutionary developments. Before their offensive, their cross-border attacks have cost some of our peers life, and there is no doubt that their intention is to drown the revolution in blood. Therefore, we go to Rojava to defend the revolution and we urge everyone to show their solidarity with Rojava. We urge pressure on the imperialist forces and we urge pressure on Turkey. Therefore, we consider all actions against the Turkish military legitimate.”

Live Rojava! Live the Social Revolution! Live the international solidarity!

The fight continues!

Originally found at Moteld