Cruel Treatment of Argentinian Anarchist Prisoner

Published March 28, 2019

Cruel Treatment of Argentinian Anarchist Prisoner

On Wednesday, 14 November, two bomb attacks took place in Buenos Aires. At the Recoleta cemetery, the bomb exploded in the hands of one of the two people carrying it. The action targeted the grave of Ramón Falcón, a police chief who was responsible for the death of 11 protesters on May 1, 1909.

The injured person, Anahi Salcedo, was transferred to Fernández Hospital where she underwent several surgeries, including the amputation of three fingers.

She suffered serious injuries to her limbs and face and still remains detained in Ezeiza prison since January 10th.

Since the transfer from the hospital, her conditions from the detention are extremely painful. She is denied medical care and painkillers.

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