Courthouse Set on Fire After Death of Prisoner in Foumbot, Cameroon

Published May 6, 2021

Courthouse Burned Down After Death of Prisoner in Foumbot, Cameroon

A courthouse was set on fire in an uprising in Foumbot, Cameroon in response to the death of a prisoner who was denied medical care.

While the deceased’s health was taking a hit for the worse, calls to seek medical attention for him were unheeded by the prison authorities, who refused to send the prisoner to the hospital and let him die.

After hearing of the death of the prisoner, people marched up to the prison, collected the body of the deceased and placed it at the middle of the Foumbot – Bafoussam highway, blocking traffic.

The Foumbot Court of First Instance was then set on fire by militants.

Revolutionaries in Foumbot are calling for all prisoners to be liberated and the prison to be burned.