Cop Car Set on Fire in Bremen, Germany

Published May 8, 2021

Cop Car Set on Fire in Bremen, Germany

Against curfew! Against the world of order! An unmarked car from the police burned in the city center!

We join the autonomous group that triggered a fire on the Osterdeich, the first night of curfew. The curfew is imposed by a massive deployment of cops and private security agencies, which makes us think more and more of a police state. If you’re still in the street after 10 pm, you’re suspect. Until midnight, you are subjected to the arbitrariness of the police, without witnesses. The cops decide if you seem to play sports or go home. After midnight, we can no longer escape. The curfew means a pre-trial detention at home. A dream for all the fans of the Law and Order, and the supporters of the new law on the police, here in Bremen.

Who feels safe and healthy when outside there are only people in uniform who are on the lookout? What happens to people who do not have a home? And if I have to eat at night? Who will fight together against police violence and racial profiling? What about high rates of domestic and sexual violence and bear responsibility for all people who become mentally ill or who are getting worse because of isolation? The curfew is a logical step in the development of the security of an authoritarian status. What suggests their fast and impressive response capacity? Faced with the pandemic, this instrument will not help anyone in the long term.

This presence of cops is impressive, no doubt. And it’s scary that most likely no one will witness harassment, intimidation or arrests. Yet today and even before curfew, we decide by ourselves when and where we travel and we frequent. We are able to assume responsibility for ourselves and our environment. Since when do we need cops, municipal police or state to tell us how to treat our friends, our family or our colleagues? An unmarked police car on fire in the city center is for us the sign that we are alive and resistant. We do not accept the actions of power and threats on the part of the cops and their superiors, to whom we give more and more authority. A wagon less that these shit cops will have under their ass to snoop, denounce, threaten, observe…

At the same time, we fight the cop in our head and social control that wants us to believe that it is enough to wait a little and keep up until everything returns to the “normal.”

We hate this normality!

See this direct action as a revenge. For the friends in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, who have been seriously injured by cops! We are at your side!


Operation QoSay K.*

*Note by Attaque: Youth killed while in police custody, in the German city of Delmenhorst, near Bremen.