Cop Car Set on Fire by Proletarian Justice Movement in Orgosolo, Italy

Published May 29, 2019





We claim the placement of an incendiary device in the machine of a servant of the forces of disorder, in Via sicilia, Orgosolo, on May 20, 2019.

If the forces of disorder strike deplorably when one of their blows is least expected, the Proletarian Justice Movement is no less.

It is with this first Action that the Proletarian Justice Movement is made explicit in its form of diffusion and agitation, to the people in Italy, inviting all the comrades and those tired of this national Oligarchy to follow the developments of the same movement.

With the establishment in power of the umpteenth puppet government, having as its only explanation its cowardly Fascist and Absolute ideology, and with the continuation of the intensification of US control over our country, through the application and maintenance of the Marshall plan, it comes spontaneously wondering if the current situation will continue for a long time. While elitist populist parties, such as the PC and the FGC, have chosen the path of absolutism, the Proletarian Justice Movement has undertaken and initiated a response to all this, placing the Popular Armed Forces, developed through the War of Guerrilla. The “Proletarian Justice Movement” is constituted without hatred towards anyone. It is not a political party, but a Revolutionary movement; its ranks will be open to all people in Italy who sincerely wish to restore political democracy in Italy and establish social justice. Its direction is collegial and secret, formed by strongly determined new humans, who have no compromise with the past; its structure is functional: In its struggle groups, in its youthful paintings, in its secret worker cells, in its female organization, in its economic section and in its apparatus dedicated to clandestine propaganda, young and old people, men and women, can be enlisted, workers and employees, students and professionals; not because they all hold a weapon, since it will not be enough to arm each of those who want to give their life in this fight, but they will be given a task according to their respective forces, contributing economically, distributing proclamations, or abandoning work in a gesture of solidarity and support for workers, when the trumpets of the Revolution will call for struggle; because this must be, more than anything else, a revolution of the People, with the blood of the People and the sweat of the People.

On the night of May 20, a cell of the MGP triggered a cop’s car fire. It is not the action that is as important as the objective itself.

The meaning is not as striking as the reference to the action that this action wants to represent. When a proletarian, an oppressed person, becomes part of a Repressive and servile organization such as the police and military, he becomes part of an oppressive and conditional system, which also includes the proletarian himself. There is no excuse. Only actions. And it is these that will decree the establishment of the new before the old. The Libertarian triumph is not an idealization, but a future. This action is only the beginning. Follow the updates.


All power to the Guerrilla!