Cop Car Burned in Anti-Austerity Riots in Curaçao

Published June 26, 2020

Cop Car Burned in Anti-Austerity Riots in Curaçao

Hundreds of people protested against austerity measures and for the resignation of the Curaçao government in the city center of Willemstad, Curaçao on June 25. Militants set at least one police vehicle on fire, and capitalist shops were looted.

Curaçao has been colonized since the 15th century, when Spaniards arrived and enslaved the indigenous Arawak people. Today, the island remains a colony of the Netherlands, which is now imposing austerity measures. Curaçao is also used as a base for the US’s imperialist intervention in the region. The US recently deployed air force planes to Curaçao for a so-called anti-narcotics operation; in reality, the deployment is likely related to the US’s long-planned attempt to install a far-right wing regime in Venezuela, which is 40 miles from Curaçao.

After trash collectors went on strike and took to the streets against Dutch-imposed budget cuts, protesters clashed with the police and stormed a government building as they demand the prime minister resign. Protesters blocked traffic on the famous Juliana Bridge. Militants also barricaded streets with burning car tires.

Shops have been looted in the Otrobanda district.

The demonstrators also included many Selikor employees. These were told today that their salaries will be cut. According to the management of the waste company, this is because the government has not paid for a long time. As a result, the company has a debt of tens of millions. The money is now used up, which is why management cannot help but cut staff costs and activities.

People in Curaçao are rising up against a government that is allowing Dutch colonizers to impose harsh austerity measures. The anti-austerity protets in Curaçao is part of a growing rise of revolutionary uprisings around the world against the police and capitalism.