Congo: Clashes at the University of Kinshasa

Published January 9, 2020

Congo: Clashes at the University of Kinshasa

The situation was very tense on Monday January 6 at the Kinshasa campus following the student revolt against the recent increase in academic fees decided by the Ministry of Higher and University Education.

Denouncing the new amounts that they consider excessive in light of the social situation of many students from low-income families, Unikin students have largely mobilized.

Yesterday’s demonstration ended in clashes with the police. The students who wanted to demonstrate outside the university site were confronted by the police, who did not hesitate to use tear gas.

The presence of the police was noticed at the entrance of the faculties, but also at certain hotspots on campus. This did not stop the demonstrators from expressing their anger: burnt tires, destroyed vehicles, looted and ransacked offices.

Eleven people were arrested, seven demonstrators and two police officers were injured.