Communiqué of Subversive and Anarchist Prisoners for Comrade Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda

Published July 15, 2021

Communiqué of Subversive and Anarchists Prisoners for Comrade Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda

Words from Prisons for Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda.

Our mother, grandmother and eternal comrade Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda has left. From the different centers of punishment and isolation where we have traveled for decades and years, maintaining upward the autonomous, subversive and anarchic resistance, we meet again at the hearth of our herd to eternally embrace “Luisa”, our subversive mother.

We are in pain, with our hearts broken, traveling between different generations of comrades to whom the words and actions of “grandmother” have marked the journey for years from children in the town, rebellious adolescents and young combatants.

Feel the power of her voice as the voice of her children who at the same time are all of us who have been undeniably marked with the certainty of her words of fire, of bullets, of roars, of conspiracy, of conscience, of beautifully violent memory, from the inalienable insistence to the frontal fight against the world of power and all authority.

Your children who resist in prisons, the fugitives who remain in struggle, from different territories of the planet where your name is heard as a synonym of Resistance, Memory and Subversion, today, we shout together and united very loud and clear that we continue unconditionally hoisting the banner of social war, the permanent gesture of the conflict in the struggle for total liberation.

We call on all rebels who worthily claim the frontal struggle against power through direct action to demonstrate in war with concrete gestures in memory of Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda.

We call to keep alive the fire of her voice, her fighting spirit, her wise words, her incessant practice always on the side of illegality in clear subversive complicity.

We hug you and we are with you. Manolo, Flaca, Sol, Alen.

We salute Villa Francia and all the accomplices.

We embrace the Peñi and Lamngen at war!!

We embrace you with eternal love in war, dear woman, mother, grandmother, comrade!!

Luisa Toledo Sepúlveda, you live in the anti-authoritarian, autonomous, subversive and anarchic struggle forever!!

As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!!

Death to the state and long live anarchy!

Combatant youth: permanent insurrection!!

Until destroying the last bastion of prison society!

Towards total liberation!!

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, Jail company Stgo 1.

Monica Caballero Sepúlveda, San Miguel female prison.

Marcelo Villarroel Sepulveda, Juan Aliste Vega, Joaquin Garcia Chanks, Juan Flores Riquelme, Francisco Solar Domínguez, Rancagua company jail.

Tuesday July 6, 2021- Santiago, Rancagua. Territories dominated by the Chilean state.