Communiqué by José Adrián Poblete Darre in Solidarity with Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Chile

Published April 20, 2021

Communiqué by José Adrián Poblete Darre in Solidarity with Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Chile

Health, strength and rebellion.

I want to send a strong combative hug to my paisanos, Monica and Francisco and all my solidarity to the Mapuche movement. A lot of strength and encouragement on the hunger strike to demand the repeal of art. 9 and the restitution of art. 1 of Decree Law 321, so that probation is a right and not a benefit granted by jail. I am sorry not to be able to help them in this strike for health problems, but soon I will be with you. I have already fulfilled the 3/4 parts of my sentence, I go out in 2023, but they don’t expel me. I have pending a summary where I am accused of assaulting a head of services and two Spanish state officials. See you soon and fire to prisons always.

Give to the people what is of the people. Freedom for the Mapuche people.

What is private property? It is a robbery by the bourgeoisie of the proletariat. Therefore, its expropriation and recovery is permitted.

José Adrián Poblete Darre

Jail Madrid V. Isolation.

28770 Soto del Real. Madrid.

José Adrián Poblete Darre, Chilean of birth 42 years ago, has lived in the underground, using false documentation and expropriating from the rich to survive, which has led him to be imprisoned in the dungeons of various states: Chile, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland , France, Italy, and now since 2005, in the Spanish state.

The fact of being deprived of freedom not only has not changed his way of understanding life but has sharpened his thoughts about it, not only has it not reduced his dignity, but it has reinforced it. All this has led him to develop different struggles, both individual and collective, in the various prisons in which he has fulfilled sentence.

Thus, he has participated in different riots, defending that the struggle is the only way, breaking and setting fire to prisons in Picassent (Valencia), Castelló, Villena (Alicante), Murcia or Topas (Salamanca), where he was in a coma for 8 days since the jailers took 40 minutes to open the door in retaliation and revenge and he almost suffocated to death.

He has also always defended himself against the attacks of the jailers who have the habit of attacking in groups.

A supporter of all possible forms of struggle, he has participated in the Rotating Hunger Strike that for the second consecutive year was carried out in the prisons of the Spanish state, and, in addition, every month does Strikes of Hunger (the number of days of these varies depending on their health), not only because of the 14 points claimed by all prisoners in the Rotating Hunger Strikes, but also in solidarity with other prisoners.

Due to all his struggles and not giving in, they have dispersed him throughout the Spanish state and are keeping him in first grade, in isolation (both physically and because he is constantly changing jail) so that he cannot be intimate with other prisoners “for the good order of the center and for endangering the lives of officials.” Isolation, which is just another form of torture.

Despite not having committed any crime of blood, he was sentenced to 20 years, 3 months and 159 days, of which he has already fulfilled 15 years, ¾ parts of the sentence, without having enjoyed a single day of permission.

Open hand to partner, fist closed to enemy.

Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle!!!!