Colombian Regime Rejects ELN Humanitarian Ceasefire

Published July 11, 2020

Colombian Regime Rejects ELN Humanitarian Ceasefire

On Tuesday July 7, the ELN, the active guerrilla movement in Colombia, proposed a 90-day ceasefire to the government and a resumption of peace negotiations.

This proposal was formulated in accordance with the appeal of the UN Security Council which called for a suspension of the conflicts while managing the pandemic of Coronavirus.

The following day, the Colombian government rejected the guerrilla offer.

Colombian forces have also captured eight members of the guerrillas who allegedly participated in the attack on the Bogotá police academy in January 2019.

The arrests and the investigation that led to them allowed the police to dismantle an urban guerrilla cell and an important logistics network.

Although the arrests dealt a blow to the ELN, they also revealed the group’s extensive presence in the most watched Colombian city and the sophistication of its financing and logistics networks.

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