Colombian Guerrillas Will Fight Against US Invasion of Venezuela

Published February 8, 2019

Colombian Guerrillas Will Fight Against US Invasion of Venezuela

Colombian guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), has vowed to respond to any military intervention by the US against Venezuela.

Guerrilla leaders have stated they are drawing up a strategy to repel an imperialist invasion of Venezuela.

The group’s comments demonstrate the serious problems the US may face if it chooses to use force in South America. The prospect of a protracted struggle against imperialist forces may drag the US into another long lasting military entanglement.

John Bolton, the US national security adviser, proclaimed this week that “all options are on the table”; a euphemistic phrase justifying illegitimate military adventurism. He was photographed with a notepad stating that “5000 troops to Colombia” would be a possibility for an invasion of Venezuela.

ELN commander, Pablo Beltran, stated “It´s certain that the USA´s attack plan would mean that we´re the first in line. We don´t doubt that,” he said. “If they come for us, we will respond. We won´t run away and hide.”

The guerrilla forces are active in Venezuela and, as Beltran stated, have always been there.

“Sometimes we cross into Venezuela because in some areas the border is an imaginary line,” said Mr Beltran. “But we also have to remember that there are millions of Colombians living in Venezuela, who fled the onslaught of right-wing paramilitaries at the height of the Colombian conflict. Those that were ELN didn´t stop being ELN when they crossed the border.”

The potential invasion by the US will be met with fierce resistance. The possibility of the US being drawn into an insurgency seems more likely. As the US becomes gradually destabilized domestically, and weak internationally, this aggression may prove to be unimaginably detrimental to its international position.