Claim of an Armed Attack Against the Carabineros in Chile

Published March 9, 2020


On the scheduled date, on the night of the Gregorian New Year, combatants of the autonomous commandos for the popular uprising carried out armed action. The purpose of this action was to hurt the keepers of the wealthy as badly as possible, who have turned out to be psychopaths who love to protect state / capitalist power.

The operation ended with a few wounded targets, the most serious of which was a police officer with a broken leg caused by a shot from a shotgun. We know that the state has been in constant war, since well before October 18, and that it has known how to take advantage of its communication strategies or to hide information, according to its objectives and needs of the moment. This is why, if the information is spread massively by the media of manipulation, on the contrary this one was hidden and the media relayed the image of a quiet day, denying the existence of any dignified and armed expression residents of working-class neighborhoods and proletarians at war. We’ve seen this many times before, but we think it’s time to take pride in the blows to power.

Brothers, sisters, comrades and resistance fighters, we salute you and appeal to you to practice armed struggle, until freedom for the people and for all political prisoners is achieved.

Each police officer is a legitimate target. This is indeed a threat, we will avenge each mutilated, killed and imprisoned person.

Death to capital.