Claim of Responsibility for Arson of Loukareos Court in Athens

Published March 16, 2020


Comrades claimed responsibility for an arson attack on the Loukareos Court in Athens on March 9th in memory of Revolutionary Struggle member and anarchist fighter Lambros Fountas.

The following is from their statement:

The only people who went to court with good intentions.

Amidst geopolitical games, racist mobs, human uproar, well-rounded businesses, nationalisms, media delusions, greedy humanism, a human tragedy has unfolded from the fence of Evros to the islands of the Eastern Aegean…

The Greek state stood worthy of a European fortress, decorating its mission with crowns of “patriotism” and a “Greek saber,” the saber of the greedy against the hungry.

We stand and reflect on our (at least) two people who were lost to the beast’s bullets. It doesn’t matter if Mohammed al-Arab and Mohammed Gulzar were hit by bullets of a soldier or a vigilante fascist. We know that two people of our class were murdered by the mercenaries of our global enemy…

In a little move of dignity and resistance, on the morning of March 9th, we visited the courts of Loukareos Street. We admit it, their weakest link: the Pacific Court. But it is a shame of the same system that keeps those who plunder social wealth, those who lawfully kill and punish mercilessly…

Entrance to the Peace Court. A large room. On the left is an ATM of Piraeus with its annoying built-in camera. We avoid it. To the right are some vertical corridors with courtrooms and offices. We choose a corridor. We move it to its end so that there is no danger of being trapped by fire. In the far right there is the courtroom. First door, “for the public.” Second door, “for judges only.” We laugh. For the first time here, we look at these rooms where human lives are sentenced to years in prison, the pain of confinement. We are not looking at concrete for the first time. We are on the bench. Everything is done…

PS1: In the face of the (anti) terrorist’s ridicule of baptizing a terrorist organization, the simplest and most modest signature of “comrades, companions” accompanying countless and all kinds of activities for decades, we choose to say this action that was made by COMRADES.

PS2: For Lambros who fell asleep ten years ago.