Children of Fire Initiative Attack Regime Targets in Turkey

Published July 7, 2021

Children of Fire Initiative Attack Regime Targets in Turkey

The Children of Fire Initiative released the outcome of its sabotage attacks, targeting Turkish regime and AKP/MHP fascists in month June.

90 Sabotage operations:

15 Factories burned down

45 vehicles

5 Yachts

24 Facilities

Children of Fire Initiative commented on their work:

“In the 1990s, the fascist Turkish state burned thousands of villages in Kurdistan, exiled millions of Kurds from their own lands. The Turkish state still insists on the same policy today. Killing 34 of our people in Roboski, burning our wounded brothers alive in the basements of Cizre, bombarding the mountains and lands of Kurdistan and burning their forests, bombarding the graves of Kurds without even respecting their dead. As the Children of Fire Initiative, we are the people who opposed this brutality of the Turkish state and swore to avenge it. In the month June, revenge was taken and will continue to be taken by burning factories, workplaces, workshops, warehouses, vehicles and shops belonging to AKP-MHP fascists and its supporters in the metropolitan area of Turkey.”