Call to Action from Mapuche Political Prisoner Alberto Curamil Millanao

Published November 19, 2018

Alberto Curamil Millanao

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, the Mapuche traditional community of Temukuikui was invaded by a special ‘anti-terrorist’ unit of the Chilean police, the Comando Jungla. During the invasion, which involved nearly 400 police personnel and two helicopters circling overhead, officers shot Camilo Catrillanca, a young Mapuche community member who was returning home from work on his tractor.

On both sides of the Andes, in Chile and Argentina, Mapuche communities have been engaged in processes of land recuperation to take back their ancestral territory from large property owners.

The Call:

This is not the first time that the Chilean government has treated us like criminals. It is already commonplace in the racist language of Mayor Mayol to treat us as something we are not.

Together with Camilo Catrillanca and other warriors of Tamukuykuy, many times we often stood side by side in the war. A young man born and raised in the struggle for territory and the reconstruction of our Mapuche people.

Together with other brothers, we are taking on the political prison, product of a political farce. Yesterday they killed Kilapan, Alex Lemun, Matias Catrileo, Mendoza Collio and many others. Today they killed Camilo and tomorrow we don’t know how many more will fall. But the struggle continues.

I know that Camilo was murdered while working on his recuperated land. Therefore, the call is to continue recuperating our territory, but above all, to respond to this aggression as is necessary.

A brother who fought so committedly in the struggle for his land can never die. Camilo will live forever in our spirit, our minds and our hearts. But above all, in our land that we love as we love the Mapuche.

The best manner in which to remember him must be with war.

I call on my brothers and sisters in each one of the territorial spaces of Wallmapu, to carry out actions of resistance of justice for Camilo and the dignity of our people.

The Chilean government is and will be the only one responsible for this murder and its consequences.

Logko Alberto Curamil Millanao

Mapuche Political Prisoner

Temuco Prison