Buses Set on Fire After Murder by Police in São Paulo, Brazil

Published August 13, 2020

Buses Set on Fire After Murder by Police in São Paulo, Brazil

Militants set fire to buses in protest after the murder of 19 year old black man Rogério Ferreira by police in São Paulo, Brazil on Monday night.

On the night of Monday August 10, military police assaulted protesters who were holding the State responsible for the death of Rogério Ferreira da Silva Júnior, 19, who was killed by a gunshot in the back by the police in Parque Bristol, south of the city from Sao Paulo.

The assaults, filmed by residents of the neighborhood, show the police taking down and assaulting bikers who had participated in the protest, held in the late afternoon. After the end of the protest, militants set two buses on fire in the neighborhood.

One of the militants who set fire to buses spoke anonymously, explaining why he burned the vehicle. “I didn’t even know the little brother who passed away, but it was more than my duty to stick up and do what was done. Rogério was a life. In the same way that it could be mine or yours,” he said. “I only played my part as a human being who can’t handle everything quietly. The humble revolt is the worst of revolts.”

The demonstration began on Monday afternoon, at the corner where Rogério Ferreira da Silva Júnior lived. The young man, who worked as an assistant in a logistics company, died about 500 meters away, on Avenida dos Pedrosos, the previous afternoon, on the day he turned 19.

Rogério was murdered by the police, shortly after stopping his motorcycle. He was unarmed, but the police shot him in the back anyway.

Monday’s protest gathered a crowd of about 1,000 people to demand justice.

In the first half of 2020 alone, police in São Paulo murdered 498 people, the highest number ever recorded between January and June since the Public Security Secretariat officially made this data available in 1996.