Berlin, Germany: Arson Attack Against a Securitas Patrol Vehicle by ‘Amad Ahmad’ Cell FAI-FRI

Published October 15, 2018

Arson Attack Against Securitas Patrol Vehicle.

Berlin, October 15th, 2018

The anarchist movement has sharpened its profile. This has meant that the repression against us has intensified in recent years. From Germany, the G20 has triggered an increase in activity by security agencies because they have realized that they are not in control of us and it became so obvious that a response was necessary. The destruction in Hamburg, the lack of compromise and the determination of the hooded ones hit them exactly where it was intended. Uncertainty was triggered there, in a place where people’s property defines themselves and their complicity in a warring society.

Following the publication of the text ‘The Insurgent’s Autism’, in issue 9, June 2018 of the eco-anarchist publication Fenrir, we felt an urge to respond. And for a moment we attack the illusion of security in this society in a very specific place to engage in communication and open a space for discussion.

…We do not know what to think regarding what out comrade Alfredo Cospito is saying when he speaks about a vision of an anarchist praxis that would become more dangerous because it keeps on experimenting. We can only speak for ourselves, that we have become more dangerous and are quite successful because the power misjudges our real potential. The willingness to remain alone, the claiming of total responsibility for our destiny…

We hereby claim responsibility for our campaign of successfully igniting a ‘Securitas’ patrol vehicle in Wedding, Berlin on the night of October 15th, 2018. We refer directly to the arson attack against two cars of the ‘Securitas’ company on the night of April 30th to May 1st in Thun, as well as the resistance of the anarchists against the construction of the Bässlergut (Immigration Prison) in Basel. The reasons why ‘Securitas’ needs to be attacked are formulated in detail in the communique from Switzerland, so we do not need to go into that further. Additionally, the details of the enemy that have been provided in many declarations of attack often seem barely useful in furthering the spreading of resistance. On the other hand we miss the ideas of the fire starting comrades, how the spark of the attack can ignite in our everyday lives and in our social relationships.

For actors, such as the ‘Securitas’ company, which guards refugee camps in Berlin, secures prisons in Switzerland and extends the state’s arm of domination and control in many other locations around the world, our cities must become hostile territory. With our attack, we establish the link between our scattered struggles and propose that security companies and other multinational corporations continue to be the declared targets of our attacks so that symbolic attacks eventually become materially damaging.

Symbolic, because it is our own rebellion against any resignation and concretely brings about a small material loss, but more so because it is drowned out by the capitalist noise. In most cases we are left to either participate in a conflict or be absent. However, if it is possible to cause the projects of the politicians to fail because they bring more losses than profits for the companies involved, the sign of the magnitude of material damage can be the first step in a restless phase. This is the task of the militant commando that we have assigned ourselves compelled by the factual situation of our minority position, be it signed with FAI, anonymously or by a group like Rouvikonas. The signature is secondary.

At the same time the visible attack by hooded ones against the institutions of power and the cops must be carried out – at demonstrations and during riots in the districts. Here we stand with everyone on the street attacking cops and other fascists, ransacking and plundering shopping areas and building barricades. Does it matter whether we do it with anarchists, with comrades from the DHKPC (outlawed Turkish militant left organization Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front) or with our criminal friends? On the one hand yes, but we have to examine who we can act with on the street and who we can resolve contradictions with. The anarchist theory does not need to be permanently separated from other tendencies unless it cannot be realized in practice. In the western metropolises and in some rural regions there are only very small trouble spots, which will not develop into insurrections from the explanations of the anarchists for their attacks nor from their appeals.

Individuals participate in many different conflicts, but as long as it is limited to certain areas, be it antifascism, the environment, etc, it is meaningless whether it is contact with society that is being sought or commando militancy that is being preached because neither of these areas pursues an insurgent project.

The state keeps the private mercenary companies in order to have its own personnel to hunt people freely. Our goal must be to eliminate them from everyday life, from public transport where they control tickets, from the shops where they guard the dead merchandise, from the banlieues where they harass the people, and from the prisons where they practice killing with the screws.

Solidarity with those affected by the Operations ‘Scripta Manent’ and ‘Panico’ as well as those who have had to face the state’s revenge in Basel for the wild demo in 2016! Our fighting hearts are with you.

For anarchy!

‘Amad Ahmad’ Cell FAI-FRI