Bank Attacked in Toulouse France

Published June 20, 2020

Bank Attacked in Toulouse France

On the night of May 19th, a LCL Bank on avenue Jean Rieux in Toulouse, France had it’s windows smashed out in s response to the ravages of capitalism.

The statement: Yellow fever against this world

The marching health dictatorship has failed to eradicate the yellow fever virus that inhabits our bodies.

On the night of 19-20 May [2020], we broke the windows of the LCL bank, on avenue Jean Rieux, in Toulouse.

A war is going on, it’s true. But this is not the one against a virus, but rather that of the top of society against the bottom. The current economic crisis is not due to Covid-19, but to a liberal policy that has persisted for decades. And if we do not want to relive the consequences of the crisis of 2008, when peoples like the Greek or the American have found themselves bled, the ability to resist will have to be found in this abominable war.


Notes: The reference to the “marching dictatorship” is in the name of the president’s party, La République en marche, while the one at war is in Macron’s speech on February 16, when he decreed confinement as a measure of “war against the epidemic. Finally, in reference to the yellow fever (and perhaps the signature, which on appeared as “Johnny’s nostalgics”, Johnny Halliday, who is a bit the French Vasco Rossi, more burina version), obviously refers the Gilets jaunes movement, very strong in Toulouse.