Balıkesir Olive Oil Factory Turned to Ashes by HBDH

Published August 6, 2019


HBDH militias continue their actions. This time a factory belonging to the Boyner family turned to ashes. The militia devoted this action to the revolutionaries who became immortalized in Afrin. The complete description by the militias is as follows.

“On August 1, 2019, the olive oil factory belonging to Cem Boyner and the Ali Kürşat family, located in Ayvalık district of Balıkesir, turned to ash in one night.

TUSIAD - MUSIAD are names or representatives of the united system of exploitation in Turkey, although they seem different from each other in exploitation, occupation, plunder and looting, their presence is merged.

TUSİAD, chaired by Cem Boyner for a period, seems to be opposed to the AKP-MHP government from time to time, but they acknowledge that their most prosperous period took place during the AKP era, when raging exploitation was increased and strikes and trade union rights were banned.

It is the religious and financial structure that applauds the AKP’s hostile economic programs. The main target of our anger is the makers of this rotten system that bonds wealth from the workers’ lives and the suffering of the people.

Under the leadership of the AKP - MHP, supported by all the structures and capital classes of the state, AFRIN was occupied by thousands of invaders who tortured, looted and attempted to colonize; thousands of olive trees were set on fire, and olive oil was stolen.

TUSIAD gave full support to this operation and claimed it was for the security of our country, as they received money from this bloody, dirty occupation.

We have stated before to the classes fed by the plunder, the occupation, the exploitation and colonialism, that you are drowned in the smoke of the fire you carry to the oppressed. They are immortalized by resisting your invasion in Afrin, the sons of the Turkish, Kurdish and Arab peoples, who were dedicated to opposing your looting policy, for the freedom and brotherhood of the peoples. They once again showed the way of the people’s salvation.

Those immortalized in Afrin against the occupation policy:

Songül, Tigris, Hüseyin Cem, Görkem, Ruhat, Sedat, Erdal, Sinan, Kenan, Ramazan and dozens of others returned. They’re asking for an account.”

HBDH Militia