Averof Building of National Technical University in Athens Occupied by Anarchists

Published November 14, 2018

The arrests of guerrillas, as in the case of the Revolutionary Struggle or even comrades with accusations from the anti-terror law 187A like K. Yiagtzoglu, show the continuing of the frontal conflict of the state with armed struggle and those who are accused of this. The Left government expands the legal armory against those who are involved or support the armed action and penally establishes the term “individual terrorist.” The repression, though, wasn’t enough to bend the violent resistance, since the attacks to state, capitalist and fascist targets with all means keep going on constantly.

Both the insurrection and its repression wasn’t expressed only in relation to the anarchist movement and relevant social groups and subjects. As it was expected, under the left government we experienced migrant uprisings and resistance in the Greek detention hellholes that were followed by violent repression and penal vengeance, as in the cases of Petrou Rali and Moria. Whole areas were literally under military occupation from the anti-riot police, like Lefkimi in Corfu Island, where the state wants to impose the operation of a landfill. The moment of the individual insurrection of a 22-year-old from Korinthos who stabbed and killed the guy that try to rape her is engraved in our memory. The state repressed the example of the violent resistance and convicted her to 15 years of prison time. Like this, the patriarchical violence is legally fortified…

From Athens and the endless attempts of the municipality to fence, control and exploit every hill, park and square, every resisting neighborhood, every asylum for the humans without papers and the petty criminals, to Istanbul and the destruct of Gezi park for the creation of a mall, to the development of Berlin and the establishment of Google Campus to the historically struggling area of Kroitsberg, to the subjugation of the non white communities in the neighborhoods of USA, there is a historical line that crosses all the grounds and calls to an international violent resistance for our survival and for the perspective of the destruction of state and capital.

This is the basis on which we call comrades to act together in such way that out action will be able to define the events and move the insurrection against the state forward as a real fact and not as an exhibit in a museum for feeding the liberal democracy. To create a conflictual event inside a comradeship environment that can include all of us and all those that are under fierce repression. Let everyone be ready to give their own content to our action through unity.

Our successful action in Politechnio will empower our relations and will communicate our priorities and will become a fertile soil to respond to the huge weight that comes with this year’s 6th of December, the 10th anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropulos by the cops Korkoneas and Saralioti.

Insurgents / Anarchists

Originally found here: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1593007/