Attacks on Police and Security Companies in Leipzig, Germany

Published April 4, 2019


In recent weeks, a police station was attacked and several vehicles of private security companies were set on fire in Leipzig, Germany in solidarity with political prisoners.

On the night of Wednesday, March 27, in Leipzig, the police station of Eisenbahnstraße, as well as two other buildings in Neustadt-Neuschönefeld were attacked.

In total, four double-glazed windows in the facade were destroyed or damaged.

This police station located at 49 Eisenbahnstraße also houses the offices of the urban development department and a police information center.

The militants managed to escape without incident.

On the same night, two windows of the sliding door and a shop window of a supermarket on the Dornberger Straße were broken.

In recent weeks, in Leipzig, several vehicles belonging to private security companies were set on fire. Watchmen cars from WIS and Kötter-Security were destroyed at night, as well as a Dussmann car.

From the communique: “These attacks against the collaborators of the repression are our contribution to the day of support to political prisoners of March 18th.

WIS is one of the biggest safety boxes in Germany. As for Kötter, it is a larger service provider, which not only operates in security, but also hires temporary workers it occasionally uses as a strikebreaker. It is also involved in the Mibrag open pit mines. As for Dussmann, the firm is proud to make money by locking people up. Prisons are hidden worlds within this society and at the same time an integral part of it. Every day, hundreds of employees look after these worlds, including and thanks to Dussmann Service experts. “