Attacks on Forestry Service, Police and Parliament During Protests in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Published September 26, 2019

Police Post Set on Fire by Protesters in Kendari

During protests in Makassar and Kendari, South Sulawesi, comrades trashed forestry service vehicles, threw stones at a parliament building and set fire to a police post. Immawan Randi, a 21 year old student, was murdered by police during the protest in Kendari.

The demonstrations took part as revolutionaries and anarchists have taken an active role in protests throughout the country against the changes to penal code (RKUHP) and the attacks on West Papua.


Two cars of the Forestry Service trashed in South Sulawesi during demo (Indonesia)

A demonstration outside Hasanuddin University (Unhas) I, Makassar Perintis Independence Street, took place as a series of demonstrations of community and student alliances of various regions. During the end of the demo today, comrades stopped two official state cars, brought the drivers out and trashed the vehicles. According to corporate media 19 people were arrested in the nearby area in a police round-up.

On September, 26, 2019, two cars of the Forestry Service South-Sulawesi Province (Makassar-Indonesia) had been damaged, by breaking all the windshields and then turning it in the middle of the road.

Here is the communique from that action:

  1. We are angry because the country along with the Army and Police violently chased, evicted, fired, and killed our brothers in Papua, Kulon Progo, Urut Sewu, Bara barayya and Polongbangkeng.

  2. We are angry because the government continues to attack us with torturous rules.

  3. We are angry because the capitalists continually try to destroy our lives, destroy nature, burn forests, heap the oceans, destroy mountains, displace the living space of each species, build artificial buildings, to control what we should and should not consume.

  4. We are angry because the media are preaching everything that is not important, eliminating cases of murder until the slaughter and continuing to work with the authorities to destroy the struggle of our combatants who fight for a better life.

  5. There is no compromise for rulers and capitalists.


Attacks on Police Post and Parliament Building in Kendari, as Student Killed in Protest

Demonstrations were conducted by thousands of students from various universities in Southeast Sulawesi who surrounded the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Parliament Office on Thursday (9/26/2019). During the action, revolutionary students threw stones, so that the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Parliament Office was damaged.

In addition, the militants also set fire to a traffic police post located in the corner of the park of the Mayor of Kendari City Office.

Immawan Randi, a 21-year-old student of Fisheries at Halu Oleo University, was murdered by police while participating in the demonstration in Kendari on Thursday afternoon.