Attacks by HBDH on Police and Collaborators in Mersin, Turkey

Published January 9, 2020


The HBDH Militia announced that they had carried out three separate actions against police and collaborators between December 15-20, 2019 in the Mediterranean district of Mersin.

The whole explanation is as follows:

1- In the Mediterranean district of Mersin, HBDH intervened at the police enforcement point, which carried out degrading behaviors to poor people under the name of identity control, and some policemen were injured after the explosion.

2- It was determined that the collaborator-gang element named Ahmet Kara gathered information about the revolutionary-patriotic forces in cooperation with the police force of fascism, and also poisoned our youth with drugs, and this element working for the enemy forces was punished by us.

3- Also, the houses of some members of the same gang engaged with Ahmed Kara in drug trafficking were set on fire.

The year 2019 was a year in which the HBDH militias paid heavy prices to the AKP-MHP fascist bloc and the blood-sucking exploitative classes. Those who condemned our peoples to wars and poverty, who built untouchable lives, who always thought that this transfer would continue, became our target in the most secure places. They were destroyed by our forces when they did not expect their holdings, yachts, torturers and occupation convoys to be touched. The police, billions of dollars they invested, security systems, collaborator-agents, paramilitary gangs and Suleiman Nobles were not enough to protect their property from the poor.

2020 will be a year in which they will pay more for the collapsing AKP-MHP fascism and its supporters. Erdoğan and Soylu can feel that the popular uprisings are approaching and that their armed pioneering combined force, HBDH, is as close to their palace as a breath.

Erdogan’s recent words “We cannot provide security in cities only with law enforcement” is exactly the expression of this impotence. Erdoğan declares that he will increase the number of gangs along with the police to protect his power and palace. It is the order of exploitation of the bosses. The greatest threat to the security of the working class and the oppressed peoples is the fascist power of Erdoğan.

Our people have no expectation of security or justice from these gangs. HBDH calls on all revolutionary-patriotic youth to join our militia forces, to free streets, neighborhoods, schools from collaborators, poison traffickers, and police-watchdogs who terrorize the public.