Attacks and Demonstrations in Chile for Mapuche Prisoner Hunger Strike

Published August 11, 2020

Attacks and Demonstrations in Chile for Mapuche Prisoner Hunger Strike

On August 5th, At least 10 trucks and other heavy machinery were torched last night in the town of Padre Las Casas in solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike since May 4, and against the construction of a sub-station and the high voltage transmission lines.

August 10th Protesters from the Mapuche indigenous community clashed with police in Curacautín, as Chilean cops tried to repress a mass protest against State repression with tear gas and violence. All the busts of colonial figures in the central square of the city were toppled.

Two hunger strikers have been transported to the hospital and one hunger striker, Machi Celestino reported a deterioration in his health on Tuesday, August 11th. He called for supporters to gather outside the hospital on Wednesday.

The Mapuche nation called a massive encuentro this week and collaborated on the following points to express the agreement of the entire Mapuche Nation, to repudiate racism, demand the release of the Mapuche kidnapped by the state and the recovery of their invaded territory.

The points:

  1. Those responsible for racism are political leaders, Chilean organizations and institutions that have always educated and encouraged discrimination because it is part of their technique of domination. Added to this is the manipulation of people with economic needs from the municipality to the ministries. We demand that Piñera and all the followers of permanent denial stop feeding the division because it is born out of the injustice and ignorance in which they keep people submerged.

  2. Our prisoners are kidnapped by the state, to the extent that their detention is carried out with torture by the police and their sentences do not respond to international law which, when signed by Chile, obliges the state to apply it. Therefore, a first step is the application of ILO Convention 169, which orders alternative measures to prison and consistent with the culture of each people. We will continue to mobilize until the state and the government fulfill their international commitments in this area. The prisoners are in jail for a reason, and this is to fight against the forestry, mining, and energy companies, which destroy the land and with it the future of all, Mapuche and non-Mapuche on the planet. The future will recognize you for the heroes that you are.

  3. Forestry companies and other transnational companies have not only generated great unemployment but also destroy the ecosystem and with it the quality of food and the health of all, even more so in this time of all kinds of pandemics. For this reason, it is necessary that the 3 million hectares of the forest are distributed to recover the Mapuche territory that guarantees food security and the strengthening of the Mapuche kimvn. We already declare that the replanting of foreign forest species is prohibited in Mapuche territory.

  4. We call on all the lofs, to generate conversations and agreements on these points, also the Mapuche people who are not organized in the city and the countryside, so that they get back together with their people, so that they can recover their kimvn and mapuzugun, To get out of consumerism and find ourselves in the kvme felen, kvme mogen to obey the rules of the itrofill mogen that the ancient kuifikeche send us, because the Mapuche is not a race but a way of understanding the life of all beings and things.


Signed: PuLofMapuXawün, Mapuche - Lof Organizations and Fuxa Wawün Participating Communities