Attack on Riot Police After Eviction of Squats in Athens

Published August 29, 2019


On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, around 2:30am, a group of 30 anarchists attacked MAT at the corner of Tositsa/Trikoupi streets with molotovs. MAT, who were surprised by the attack and got burned by molotovs, started to destroy and smash the banners, which were outside the steki of anarchist immigrants.

During the event of last night, the cops haven’t entered inside the steki, but clearly showed up their anger by smashing the steki because they got burned by the molotovs flying on their empty heads and dancing fair under their ass.

As long as there is hope, there is struggle; as long as, there is life, there will be struggle

Squatted Steki of anarchist immigrants (Tsamadou 19)

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