Attack on Police Station in Hanover, Germany

Published August 11, 2020

Attack on Police Station in Hanover, Germany

On the night of July 26, we attacked the Hanover Davenstedt police station. We smashed their windows and painted their facades with asphalt.

This act is meant to show the hatred and contempt we feel for the police.

The reason for this is not only the racist murders (Oury Jalloh, Halim Dener, Yaya Jabbi, Aman Alizada …), the reason for this is not only the right-wing networks, as we have seen with the NSU 2.0 [Nationalsozialistischer Untegrund, a neo-Nazi network within the Land Hessian police; NdAtt.] within the Hessian police, the reason is not only the racial profiling or daily harassment of the homeless or of people who somehow fall through the cracks of the net.

The reason is that the police are simply doing their job of enforcing the laws that support the world of domination. Whether for the defense of property or for the enforcement of racist laws. The violence the cops use in this process is not even formally disguised. They have a monopoly of force in a state founded on patriarchal principles, which supports capitalist exploitation and perpetuates colonial continuities.

We want a free life for everyone! A life without a state, without sexism, without capitalism and without racism. A life without destruction of nature and without prisons or cops.

We are happy that the rebellious prisoner Hülya has once again been released from prison and we stand with our thoughts beside the comrades of the Park Bench, two of whom have been in pre-trial detention for over a year. The three are accused of planning militant actions as part of the fight against gentrification. Greetings and a hug.

Happiness and freedom for all!