Incendiary Attack Destroys Deportation Office in Göttingen, Germany

Published November 28, 2019


Comrades released a claim of responsibility for an incendiary attack that destroyed an administrative building which housed the Foreigners Office and the Employment Center in Göttingen, Germany on Sunday to Monday night.

Previously in mid-June, the Foreign Office of Göttingen had been attacked by fire: bicycle tires had been piled up in front of the entrance and then burned down.

The following is the statement:

Effective resistance against the Office of Evictions

Responsibility claim for the incendiary attack on the Foreign Office in Göttingen

This is not about freedom of opinion!

The former Minister of the Interior and the Exterior, Thomas de Maizière, returns to Göttingen. He would like to present here his book “Governing.”

We took this as an opportunity to attack a part of the system that despises human dignity and represents it in person.

People are dying! Everyday!

Whether in the Mediterranean because of a non-existent or impeded rescue at sea, at the borders of the fortress Europe or by German weapons, long given, in full view of the federal government, not only to fascist Turkey, but also to jihadist militias and even to the Islamic State. It is perfectly correct to say “the politics of politicians like Thomas de Maizière is a murderous policy!”

And when fugitives still arrive in Germany, they come across a system built on oppression, repression and harassment. The goal: to expel the largest number of people as soon as possible.

Here in Göttingen, the Foreigners’ Office engages in expulsions and launches police raids to attack homes, at night and without warning, pulls people from their sleep, their lives, their safety, to deport them to misery, oppression or death.

People fleeing German weapons are at the same time criminalized here. De Maizière is responsible for banning Kurdish associations and symbols as well as left-wing media platforms. So much for the subject of freedom of opinion.

This must stop!

We do not want to look further into the practice of racist and murderous expulsion from the FRG without doing anything and call on everyone to continue to oppose this inhuman system by all means necessary.

The Foreigners Office and its employees are part of this system and also bear personal responsibility for their actions. Stop treating people in a racist and disrespectful way. Otherwise it will have consequences! Quit your job instead!

Given the suffering and death of thousands of people who have to undergo the regime of expulsion, we say clearly: we are talking seriously!

We will do what is necessary to act effectively against this daily crime! Even if it requires all our courage. It is the only way!

Fire and flames to all the offices of expulsion!

Freedom of movement for all!