Attack on Cop Car by HBDH Sinan Dersim Militia

Published April 28, 2021

Attack on Cop Car by HBDH Sinan Dersim Militia

On April 25, 2021, a vehicle belonging to plainclothes police officers was set on fire in the Arnavutköy Karlıbayır neighborhood of Istanbul at night.

Let this government and its police force, which banned the streets and carried out attacks on workers, laborers and the Kurdish people, know that all this will come at a price. Those who did the military service of Cengiz Holding in the Black Sea, the guardians of the villa of Tuncay Özilhan, the owner of Migros, and the judges who were the spokespersons of ISIS in the Kobane trials yesterday will meet the action of our united struggle.

In the attacks on Metina, Zap and Avashin, which the colonialist government initiated to reverse the defeat of Gare, it was again helpless against the guerrilla and had to hide its losses from the public. Our guerrilla forces in the mountains and united militias in the cities are in a relentless war with exploitation and colonialism every day. Our call to our peoples in this struggle is to integrate with the united revolutionary forces in this war we are waging against fascism.

All the laborers going out to the streets on May 1, breaking the prohibitions of fascism, stepping into the serhildans and uprisings that will accelerate the end of the Erdogan rule will open the door to a free world.

Our action was carried out in memory of Şehid Sinan Dersim, a member of the HBDH executive board. The leadership that Comrade Sinan Dersim put forward in the joint liberation and united struggle of the working class and the Kurdish people in Turkey is our action compass. We will destroy fascism, we will win freedom.