Arson Attack Against Prison Industry Company in Germany

Published November 26, 2018

Arson Attack Against Prison Industry Company in Germany

Last Friday night a car belonging to the Spie Fleischhauer company in Leipzig Connewitz was torched.

Spie is one of the leading coal, lignite and nuclear industry service providers. The subsidiary Spie Fleischhauer GmbH is an information, security, media and electrical engineering company that is also active in the prison industry. In Leipzig, the company is participating in the current expansion of Leipzig prison.

From the statement: “A free and self-determined life cannot exist with a state and its institutions. We stand in fighting solidarity with all the people who are harassed, exploited and imprisoned by cops, prosecutors and judges! … Our greetings go out to all those who sit in the dungeons of the rulers, do not lose heart and oppose each day of repression and exploitation. In particular, we send greetings to Nero* and our comrades in Berlin after last week’s raids. Your courage and determination give us strength!”

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