Attack against an immigrant prison project in Laval

Published June 9, 2019

Location of the future migrant prison

This week a group of activists opposed the construction of a new immigrant internment center in Laval claimed the vandalization of a vehicle company, Englobe. This company participates in the upcoming project for a migrant prison. This is at least the third time in just over a year that companies participating in the project were attacked.

For example, the architecture firm Lemay, who designed the plans for the future prison, saw activists unleashing live locusts inside its headquarters. The premises of the excavation company Loiselle, which was responsible for decontaminating the site, were also defaced in February. The Police Department of the City of Montreal confirmed Friday that it was conducting an investigation into these actions.

Other public actions are also carried out against this project. Two demonstrations against the project took place on February 17 and 20. In addition, about 50 organizations announced last month that they pledged to join forces to block the construction of the future prison. Finally, the body at the heart of the protest, “Neither Borders nor Prisons”, supported the sabotage actions against the three companies.