Attack against Branch of the Turkish Fascism in Zurich, Switzerland

Published May 1, 2021

Attack against Branch of the Turkish Fascism in Zurich, Switzerland

Yesterday, April 28, we blew up the mailbox at Isvicre Türk Toplomu (ITT) and Müsiad in Rümlang (Glatttalstrasse 501). While ITT claims to represent the interests of the Turkish population in Switzerland, the umbrella organization is in fact a central lever of the AKP-MHP regime. The same applies to its member association Müsiad, one of Turkey’s central business associations. Our attack is a response to the current Turkish military offensive directed against the free mountains of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, and is part of Turkey’s fascist war. Turkish army out of Kurdistan!

Since last Friday, the Turkish army has been attacking the defensive areas near Metina, Avasin and Zap in northern Iraq with its air force and ground troops. According to reports from the guerrillas, the Turkish army also used poison gas when they tried to storm the caves and met the determined resistance of the HPG and YJA-Star, who pushed them back. Similar to the attack against Gare a few months ago, this operation aims, among other things, to strike at the strategic heart and brain of the fighting movement in the mountains by limiting the guerrillas' room for maneuver and expanding the occupation forces' control.

But just as the intention of the attacker is the same as Gare’s, so is the will for self-defense strong, creative and ultimately successful as Gare’s! For several days now, the guerrillas have been defending their positions against the supposed superiority of a highly equipped NATO army, which has at its disposal a wide variety of technological means of warfare from ‘Western’ as well as domestic production. Their advantage is the knowledge of the conditions, the long preparation and the creativity with which the guerrillas always try to be one step ahead of the army. We salute this resistance and wish good luck in the struggle: biji berxwedana gerila!

Our attack is for the ITT and Müsiad. Müsiad is one of the pillars of the ruling regime in Turkey. The companies that organize in it clearly represent those capital factions that advocate an Islamist-nationalist ideology. In Europe, Müsiad has an important function in organizing the local reactionary diaspora from Turkey. Also the ITT, to which beside Müsiad still further federations from politics, economy, society and religion belong, is tautly on Erdogan’s line and defends this in the constant exchange with the Turkish consulate. Reason enough thus to react to the Turkish military offensive with this action against this seat of organizations of the Turkish fascism.

If ITT and Müsiad directly support the fascist war because of the nature of their support for the regime, there are numerous other local groups (especially in the arms industry or in the financial center) that indirectly profit from the maintenance of the fascist regime in Ankara. We recall the successful militant campaigns during the occupation of Afrin or Serekaniye, in which the war-mongers and profiteers in their own country were put in the center, true to the slogan: No quiet hinterland - the main enemy is in our own country!

For we know very well that the power base of the regime under Erdogan is fragile. The economic crisis, coupled with the covid pandemic, exacerbates the situation in Turkey and makes it obvious that its reaction offers no perspective, but only barbarism in store. This can be seen on various fronts, for example in all the attacks against the women’s movement, against the May Day mobilizations or against the students' struggles. In this situation, support from abroad is all the more central to maintaining the regime. This chain of support must be targeted and patiently and persistently worked towards breaking it. We welcome the #fight4rojava call, which corresponds to this line, and participate in it with this action.

Long live international solidarity!

An serkeftin, an serkeftin!

Sinan Dersim Commando




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