Athens: Police Thugs Beaten by Anti-Fascists Outside Court

Published November 16, 2018

Athens: Police Thugs Beaten by Anti-Fascists Outside Court

Officers of the Greek Police’s (ELAS) now-defunct motorcycle-riding DELTA force were attacked on Monday by a group of around 50 anarchists outside the Athens Court of First Instance. Three were being treated–one with head injuries–at the capital’s 401 Military Hospital after the unidentified assailants hit them with helmets and wooden sticks.

The assault was witnessed by five YMET riot police officers, but the victims said no attempt was made to arrest the perpetrators. Even though the injured officers pointed out to their colleagues the individuals who had hit them, nothing was done by the officers in charge who were present at the scene, the head of the union representing ELAS special guards told Kathimerini.

The police officers, who are currently members of the motorcycle-riding DIAS squad and the Crime Prevention and Suppression Team (OPKE), had been invited to testify in court as prosecution witnesses in a case relating to an incident that occurred in September 2012, when a large group of anarchists rode through the downtown Athens district of Aghios Panteleimonas, where Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party has a strong presence, on motorcycles and scooters.

During the Anti-fascist motorcade, anarchists clashed with GD supporters before 21 of them were arrested by DELTA officers. While in detention on the sixth floor of Attica Police Headquarters (GADA), they were allegedly subjected to torture and humiliation (seventeen police officers are set to appear in court over the case on November 29). Although the 21 defendants were originally charged with intended murder, they were eventually indicted to face charges of grievous bodily harm.

On Monday, supporters of the 21 defendants heckled the officers when they arrived at the court. An altercation followed inside the courtroom – interrupting the proceedings – and escalated into a fracas outside the premises.


On September 30, 2012, anti-fascist mopeds in the neighborhoods in the center of Athens were struck by repressive fascist forces. Fifteen anti-fascists were captured in the wider area and then tormented in GADA. Six more anti-fascists were accused later in the same persecution. Six years later, the 21 fighters are being tried at first instance on Nov. 12 with criminal charges. A few days later, on November 29, the trial of the Delta Torturers is expected to begin following a lawsuit filed against their comrades.

This sting was part of a large series of anti-fascist mobilizations which in the context of the wider anti-fascist and anarchist struggle attempted and succeeded in hindering the spread of the Golden Dawn Nazis, socializing the state’s contribution to the formation of the modern fascist partisans and awakening consciences to the necessity of political and social self-defense against state and sub-state mechanisms.

In particular, on the 30th of September, motorbike mass participation took place in the area of America Square, where earlier a fascist parade against immigrants by a few dozen neo-Nazis took place. Some who still remained moved against the mopeds. They were repelled but were followed by a generalized attack from Police suppression forces with flash grenades and tear gas. The arrested were led to GADA where they were tortured for hours, with the then Minister Dim. Order N. Denia who publicly supported both the dissolution of the course and the torture that followed.

The attack of the DELTA group on the dissolution of the motorized demonstration and the torture in GADA was exemplary. They were meant to create resistance both against the fascists and the state patrons. The promotion of modern totalitarianism by the state and capital and the overthrow of resistances is the general framework that mobilizes the state and partisan mechanisms that hide behind the democratic factions despite barbarity.

The barbarity of a regime that spreads misery and war to then manage their results with concentration camps and the establishment of the Emergency Situation. Using the fascist gangs to strike those who fight and intimidate those who have every reason to resist. They maintain in the same direction, regardless of the political managers, to create an empty society.

At this juncture, we are again confronted with the attempted emergence of nationalism – which is primed in every way by the media – on the occasion of the “Macedonian.” Through this treaty, fascist-partisan groups attempt to re-emerge in the public space, always protected and assisted by the police, and disperse their racist poison into the public discourse in order to do what they always did: attack and terrorize the weaker social strata, such as refugees and immigrants. The arson of occupation Libertatia during the “Macedonian rally,” the attack on the Free Social Space “School,” the repeated attacks on the occupation of Lelas Karagiannis 37, the assault on the occupation of a former PIKA in Athens, the arson of the occupation of an old morgue in Alexandroupolis and the increasing racist attacks in the streets make it clear that the struggle against fascism and the organization of resistance in every social space is necessary.

Against this oppressive and exploitative regime we stand for self-organization and solidarity, social self-defense and the creation of mutual self-help structures, the overthrow of state and capitalist barbarism to build the libertarian and non-class society of Anarchy and Communism. On this road no one is alone…

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