Arson of Police Office at University of Pontianak by Maverick Cell – FAI in Indonesia

Published October 31, 2020

Arson of Police Office at Univeristy of Pontianak by Maverick Cell – FAI in Indonesia

We (Maverick Cell – FAI) claim responsibility for the arson attack on October 20, 2020 at the police office in front of the University Tanjungpura-Pontianak (West Borneo) because of our unstoppable anger and disgust against the police apparatus (the enemy in human form). We’re disgusted by those who want to cooperate and support the police apparatus and their bullshit rehabilitation, we only want to attack. We don’t have any illusion to correct the very nature of police brutality. We don’t offer a solution- we want an uncompromising collapse of the system -, and “You” have to take control of yourself because of the chaos tricks of the state and the capitalists “you” support. And also this action is condemnation for progressive students who pretend to act on behalf of the people (especially in Pontianak) but still they’re a cult for identity politics by saying “Long live students!”, and they colluded with the police for the arrests of our brothers.

Our starting point as anarchists is to believe that anarchy is a complete negation of authority. The absence of “justifying” the authoritarianism in the natural form must be destroyed. This thinking finds that deepness within ourselves: autonomy, self-care, love; take control from yourself to yourself. Our turning point is getting stuck in a crowd of mass action that determines a time and attitude within the act. We become complacent about moralization, and therefore the passion was hidden. We become who we are not. This is of course paralysis but not death; comrades who attack head-on are antibodies to us – we feel so – and this “gift” is the spark point that must resonate.

This attack is dedicated to anarchists and fellow subversives held by the state. And also for the brave Mikhail Zhlobitsky. Solidarity with the entire Combatant Indonesia and the World.


Maverick Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation


Note: Photo is from a separate arson attack on a police post in Pontianak last year.