Arson attack in memory of Mauricio Morales

Published June 9, 2019

Arson attack in memory of Mauricio Morales

With this action we vindicate our partner Mauricio Morales, who died when he decided to attack the dominant system through direct action: We placed an incendiary device in the Lo Ovalle sector.

Our action is after refining our ideas and convictions, we choose to organize ourselves to vandalize a transport (which represents industrial capitalism).

We share and sympathize with the calls to hinder the social order of the powerful and their international summits. The state of Chile in its dominant and exploiting role leads activities and conventions that only aim to deepen the neoliberal model and enrich a few, transforming these together in supposed instances that favor the population and that benefit people, being their main motivation to accelerate exploitation and commercialize life, accompanied by a discourse that proposes political control as a necessary tool to live.

We greet all those who face power through direct action.

Incendiary greetings to the imprisoned comrades in Greece, Argentina and around the world.

An insurrectionary greeting to Anna and Silvia, comrades on hunger strike in Italy and to the comrades who are mobilizing in the prisons of Chile.

Let anarchy not die in the mouth, but prevail in active hands.

Against all authority, we try to live anarchy.

– Punk band Mauri incendiary.