Armed Strike by ELN in Cauca, Colombia

Published December 3, 2020

Armed Strike by ELN in Cauca, Colombia

On Saturday November 28, the ELN carried out an armed strike in the south of the Cauca department. This strike had its most significant effects in municipalities such as Argelia, Patía, Bolívar and Almarguer.

This strike was called by the “José María Becerra” guerrilla front on the evening of November 27. The only people allowed to travel to this part of the country were those providing ambulance services or those in need of medical attention.

The population chose to stay at home and followed the instructions of the guerrillas. The government announcement of an extraordinary security council to prevent ELN actions has had no effect.

The guerrillas also banned the entry of fuels or materials to process coca and alcoholic beverages for a month from the evening of November 27 in Algeria, Argelia, López de Micay and El Tambo.