Armed Action Against the Police by HBDH in Istanbul

Published March 31, 2021

Armed Action Against the Police by HBDH in Istanbul

On 26 March 2021, at 23:30 there was an armed action against the law enforcement of the patrol in Istanbul.

Ă–calan’s “State is playing wrong, I want to meet with my lawyers” reveals the severity of the danger. We warn the colonial state forces. You are playing with fire. Know, the cost of each game played through the Kurdish front is heavy. In Ankara, under the name of politicians and judiciary in Istanbul, they pay for those who apply this machine with their lives.

From Turkey and Kurdistan are making the call to all youth for urgent action. HBDH Turkey and Kurdistan’s oppressed peoples, workers, laborers, women are a united revolutionary power. Every vehicle must take action against exploitative and colonial powers.

AKP administrators, buildings, police - guard power, jurisdictions should be taken by fire. Our action was carried out in 2019 in the memory of immortalizing war Marash (Mehmet Soysuren).