Anarchist Comrades on Hunger Strike Against Conditions in L'Aquila Prison in Italy

Published June 3, 2019

Hunger Strike

On the morning of May 29, 2019, in the court of Turin the first hearing was held in the trial against some anarchists for the occupation of Corso Giulio 45 (Turin). One of the defendants is Silvia, arrested on February 7 in the context of the repressive operation “Scintilla” and the eviction of the Asilo Occupato in Turin. The comrade, through videoconference (which prevents her from being present at the hearings), read a text written by her and Anna announcing the start of a hunger strike against the conditions and restrictions imposed in section AS2 of the prison of L’Aquila (prison conditions comparable to those of detention under the 41bis regime, currently in the prison where they are locked). We recall that the anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino has been imprisoned since September 6, 2016 for the operation “Scripta Manent,” for which on April 24 the sentence was issued in the trial of first instance. She was sentenced to 17 years and four other comrades were sentenced between 5 and 20 years in prison.

Revolutionary solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike and with all the incarcerated anarchists!

Here is the text of Silvia and Anna:

“We have been locked up here in the female AS2 section of L’Aquila prison for almost two months. By now it is well-known in here and on the outside that these prison conditions are the softened product of would-be 41bis regime regulations.

We are certain that there is no possibility nor intention to request that the situation improve and not only because of objective and structural issues that relate to our “yellow section” (the old 41 bis section): this prison is reserved almost entirely for 41bis regime prisoners. We therefore believe it is both distasteful and impracticable in light of the even tougher conditions that exist for those only a few steps away from here, we cannot avoid thinking of the number of people who have been fighting for years, stockpiling disciplinary reports and legal trials. The clumsy attempt of the DAP [Italian department of prison administration] to balance their books by establishing a mixed anarcho-Islamist prison section, which concretely led to an additional ban on meeting with other prisoners within the same section and to the further isolation [of one of the prisoners] which continues to this day.

There are prison conditions – whether in regular or special sections – that are worse than the ones in L’Aquila. This isn’t a good reason for us not to oppose what they are imposing on us here. We will no longer eat this bread: on 29th May we will begin a hunger strike demanding to be transferred from this prison and the closure of this vile section.”

Silvia and Anna

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Update: The hunger strike continues for the closure of the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila.

The anarchists prisoners Salvatore Vespertino, Giovanni Ghezzi, Alfredo Cospito, Marco Bisesti, Luca Dolce also joined the strike.

In our vicinity, we will not publish or in any way give space to collections of signatures, telegrams, faxes, mail bombings or any means of civil pressure aimed at emphasizing the current repressive situation; we consider these means not only useless but harmful, counterproductive and objectively enemies of anti-authoritarian thought and action, which unfold in a very different way.