Anarchists Occupy Polytechnic Building in Athens

Published April 23, 2019

Anarchists Occupy Polytechnic Building in Athens

Since February 19, an operation has begun of mass evacuation of squats, beginning with the migrant housing squat Arachovis 44 in Exarchia. On April 11th, at 6 in the morning an army of cops evacuated the housing squats Azadi and New Babylon, and detained 120 people. Only a week later on April 18th, another operation took place, culminating in the eviction of the migrant housing squat Clandestina and Cyclope.

We understand this as an attack on all fronts against the squats and self-organized structures, with Exarcheia at its center, as an attack that serves the media profile of state and government, so as to appear as the guarantor of security, law and order, and of the interests of bosses and landlords.

The result of these operations is that many of the squat residents are now imprisoned in the hellholes of the state, while the rest are left homeless.

We locals, migrants, solidaritarians and squatters, understand that we must give our answers all together. For this reason, we decided to occupy the Gini building (at Athens Polytechnic University), so as to give an immediate answer to the evacuations, and to organize the resistance against repression, the defense of the neighborhood, and of our lives.

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