Anarchists Rise Up In Response To Eviction in Turin, Italy

Published February 10, 2019

Anarchists Rise Up In Response To Eviction in Turin, Italy

Anarchists in Turin, Italy held an unprecedented act of resistance against the state after a wave of repression targeting revolutionary social centers and individuals.

Hundreds of revolutionaries took the streets after the eviction of El Asilo, a revolutionary anarchist center that has been held for over two decades in Turin.

Anarchists ran a kindergarten at the center. This project was a staple in the city. The kindergarten helped children in Turin develop and grow while the state has always proved incapable, unwilling, and ineffective, in its social endeavors.

The action escalated from a protest to an impressively defiant act of rebellion against the oppressive police state. The city had not seen such bold action in quite some time, and revolutionaries have made it clear that acts of repression will have a response.

Several people have been detained by the illegitimate state forces since the raid and in the actions. Comrades demanded the immediate release of everyone arrested at the action.

As Italy is being increasingly dominated by the fascist Lega Nord party, anarchist resistance has become increasingly more important.