Molotov Attack by Anarchists on Volodarka Prison in Belarus

Published November 7, 2019


On October 13, in Minsk, as part of solidarity with political prisoners, an action was carried out by attacking the Volodarka pre-trial detention center with the help of a Molotov cocktail.

Original text of the message (translation from Belarusian):

Rally in support of political prisoners in Belarus: Dmitry Polienko, Vadim Boyko, Ilya Valavik, Svyatoslav Baranovich, Mikhail Zhemchuzhnyy. As well as those comrades who are being accused of taking an action at the Minsk City Court.

This time, the target of the anarchists was a pre-trial detention center (Volodarka). The action may not have become as effective as expected, but the anarchists want to say with their actions: “Enough with enduring it!” Bandits in uniform can only be fought in their language. The language of violence. The terror of these rats needs to be answered only with terror. But it is also important not to forget about safety.

We urge those who are not indifferent to support our friends, who are currently being pressed by punitive services.

Our strength is solidarity

Join the anarchists!